Coming Home to Your Body, Your Heart, and Your Innermost Self

May 16-23, 2020

Haramara Retreat Center 

Sayulita, Mexico

Sometimes we must go away to come home. When our lives become busy, our days seemingly too short, often the only way to restore our center is by stepping away. Ironically, it si in leaving that we can return to our deepest selves, the quiet that always and already exists. There is no better place to come home to than Haramara where the green of the trees and the blue of the sky remind us of the beauty both within and without.

Single Cabana

 Enjoy your very own private cabaña with a king sized bed and private bathroom just for you and all to yourself.

Double Cabana

Share your cabaña with a friend! Coming with a significant other? We can accommodate you as a couple. A Double Cabaña has two single beds. A Couple Cabaña has one king sized bed.

Triple Cabana

A triple cabaña is slightly larger than the double with three single beds.

Great way to share with a group of  close friends or make some new friends!

Dorm Cabana

Designed to accommodate up to 8 people in a shared bedroom, with 2 bathroom facilities. You will enjoy the same features of the other cabañas, but in a large open room with individual beds for each person. The dormitory is female only.

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